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Liverpool lads deliver get-well wishes to young fan

Posted Friday, August 19, 2005

American English, a popular Beatles tribute band that perform at many area festivals, went out of its way recently to show “All Their Loving” to a young fan.

Alexandria Necsi-Homer, an 11-year-old Lindenhurst resident who never misses the band’s local performances, was enjoying the show with her family at Antioch’s Summer Days when she fell ill. She was taken from the festival in an ambulance.

The next day, Alexandria’s mom, Jacqui Homer, e-mailed the band to apologize for the distraction.

A band member responded immediately to see how Alexandria was feeling. Later, band member Young Hines, in his best John Lennon voice, left a voice mail message for Alexandria, wishing her well. They also mailed her a CD and autographs.

But it didn’t stop there. The band decided to “Come Together” again to let Alexandria know just how much they cared about her at its Aug. 6 performance at St. Mary of the Annunciation’s annual Pork and Corn Roast in Mundelein.

Alexandria was treated to quite “A Day in the Life” when she and her family went backstage to meet the band. Doug Couture (George) gave her a guitar pick; Tom Gable (Ringo) gave her some drumsticks. They invited her to try on a hat from their Sgt. Pepper costumes. Many hugs were shared and pictures were taken. After the show, the band visited again with Alexandria.

“They were just phenomenal. They’re a lovely bunch of guys,” her aunt, Laurie Rechul said. “They took so much time and were so caring. You just want to salute them.”

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