In 2000, American English toured the island of Puerto Rico. They began with a monumental show at the Tito Puente Amphitheater, as well as three additional upscale venues around the island.

Sam Leach, the original Beatles promoter and author of several books on his history with The Beatles, endorsed American English in 2000, after seeing them at a theater before their trip. “Lightning has struck twice,” Mr. Leach said, after seeing American English. Sam toured with the band on this beautiful island, introducing the show and speaking about his days with The Beatles, and now, American English.

American English was flown to Liverpool in 2001 for a tour that Sam Leach had entitled "Footsteps With The Beatles," showcasing American English in all the original venues The Beatles played, pre- Brian Epstein. American English also played The Cavern and then recorded their second CD in Abbey Road Studios, titled What If?.....This CD was to give fans the concert of all time - What If The Beatles Had Stayed Together? Mr. Leach was also awarded the medal of recognition by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool for his contributions to Beatles history. This tour also recognized Sam for his international memorializing of John Lennon, weeks after he was shot and killed. The BBC hosted the band on the radio and they subsequently were featured on the BBC Travel Channel for their television documentary on Liverpool.

The next year, American English invaded the Caribbean and appeared on every major television network in Puerto Rico. American English was truly a band on the run. Constantly pursued by television, radio, and newspapers, they stirred up the islanders like never before. As an added honor, The President of the House of Representatives, Carlos Vizcarrondo, invited the band to the capitol for a private meeting. The band made history by being the only American band to ever perform at the capitol.

In 2001, American English was hired as the headliner at Chicago's House of Blues. The event was entitled "Breakfast With The Beatles." The show, following American English's three set performance of their historical Beatles production, continued with a musical highlight of Paul McCartney's production of "Rockestra," composed in McCartney's solo years. Many celebrities took the stage with American English for a virtual fantasy concert of Wings music and What If?... Jamming several Wings songs with original members, the concert made international news. Additional celebrities of the 60's and 70's - Spencer Davis of The Spencer Davis Band, Fergie Fredrickson of Toto, Joey Molland of Badfinger and Kevin Chelfant of Journey- also contributed in the performance of "Rockestra." Pete Best, original drummer of The Beatles, played side by side with American English's drummer for the event. Media coverage was increased dramatically worldwide, due to the death of George Harrison on the date of the event. The whole show had many segments aired across the world.

American English's international performances have been seen and appreciated in Japan, Guam, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The band has left a Beatles footprint in just about every state. Whether it's in performing arts centers, casino theaters, large outdoor festivals or amphitheaters, American English's legendary presentation of The Beatles will give all audiences a window into the past of the most iconic and influential band in the history of music.


The humanitarian side of American English is something that can't be ignored. Working with the MACC fund, American English has helped generate millions of dollars for this charity that has transformed the survival rates for children with cancer. The MACC fund supports research with incredible impact for these beautiful children. MACC has increased the five-year survival rate from 20%, to when MACC began to 80% today and American English has been an integral part of that journey with MACC. Receiving an honorary plaque for their massive contribution for 16 straight years in 2016, the bands commitment to this charity, and others, are endless.

In March, 2012, Newsweek magazine captured Sam Leach's quote in celebration of The Beatles 50th year anniversary. Newsweek printed, “American English are the best Beatles tribute on the planet!”

Having Chicago as American English's home, at the historic Buckingham Fountain's 100th year anniversary, American English was honored to perform at the celebration of the restarting of the fountain. WGN Television, an iconic media station in the City of Chicago, aired the event and ceremony with the band. The significance of this band's ability to draw crowds that can range up to 30 thousand in Chicago and abroad, makes American English a legend in their own right.

In April 2014, American English played the iconic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P “The Big Bopper” Richardson played their final fateful concert.  From the likes of Count Bassie, Duke Ellington and The Dorsey's in the 30's and 40's, to The Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys, REO Speedwagon, Santana, BB King and many more renown artists, this historical landmark remains today an honor to be hired to headline. American English will be going back in late 2018.

Again in 2014, another Beatles footprint was made for American English when they were handpicked and flown to the Bermuda Fest in South Hampton, where John Lennon is memorialized, as well as The Beatles. “There is no place like nowhere,” was John Lennon's famous quote made in Bermuda in 1980, after his terrifying ride on an Atlantic storm on his way to Bermuda in his '43 Hinckley centerboard sloop. American English performed at the Mid-Ocean Amphitheater, and soon will be returning to this majestic Beatles paradise.

In 2016, American English was flown to Indianapolis, Indiana by the owner of the Indiana Colts, Mr. Jim Irsay, for a photo shoot with the original drums and skins of famed Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr. Irsay, a devotee of Beatlesmusic, purchased Ringo Starr's Beatles drums and skins in an auction thrown by Ringo and his wife Barbara.

In 2017, American English was hired for the pre-Indy 500 party for owners and racers of the cars. Mr. David Letterman, a renowned owner of race cars, hosted the “Gala” event. Several large corporations invested in cars for the famed race were also present. Their performance generated several new fans and corporate show bookings for American English.


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